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with a foreign teacher.
Foreign teacher
The most effective way to command a foreign language is... simply to practice directly with a foreign teacher.
Learn from anywhere
Lazy to go to school? You won't need to go anywhere. Learn from your own bedroom!
Practice, not theory
You don't learn to play football just watching games, right? In our classes we will make you speak and practice all the time.
Use our app
So how about practicing out of class time? Our app will provide you with ways to learn that are fun and easy
Really affordable
Each of our classes is cheaper than your movie ticket, but here you will be the star! ;-)
Course types
Rp 82,500 /h
Group (2 pax)
Rp 61,875 /h
equivalent to Rp 495,000 /month
60 minutes / session
2x per week
Group (3 pax)
Rp 49,500 /h
equivalent to Rp 396,000 /month
60 minutes / session
2x per week
Group (4 pax)
Rp 41,250 /h
equivalent to Rp 330,000 /month
60 minutes / session
2x per week
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Below 16