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Cerah provides online English courses with an interactive method that emphasizes practice (conversation) rather than theory. Understanding your need to learn English while keeping up with your daily chores, Cerah's private lessons can be taken anywhere and with any schedule. Whether you live in Madrid, in Barcelona, in Taipei, in London, or in the most remote location, you can take English classes with a foreign or even native teacher, provided that you have good online connectivity. No need to spend time or energy commuting to the tuition centre: in the comfort of your home, you can take English courses and learn English at lightning speed. No need to get crazy searching for a solution to how to learn English anymore: Cerah provides one for you wherever you live in the world.

Why learning English with Cerah?

Cerah offers different types of English classes, from English for beginners, conversation classes for intermediate level, or English for business lessons, to classes for those of you who want to study or work abroad and need to take and IELTS or TOEFL English test. Moreover, Cerah not only offers classes for adult students, but also for kids, children and adolescents. Our English courses give you freedom to choose the schedule and teacher according to your preferences, whether local or international, or even native. All teachers pass a strict and demanding selection process, which guarantees our English classes have the best quality in the market. With Cerah, every person can learn English from basics and achieve a good command of English quickly.

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Learning English doesn't have to take years. With our effective method, our English lessons will surprise you on how easy it is to improve your English skills in the space of a few months, even for those of you starting from basics. Theory without practice is like trying to learn to ride a bike without ever sitting on the saddle. We prioritize practice so that you can develop your English skills with ease and communicate fluently. The learning materials are prepared specially by an experience teacher according to your passions and your English level, from beginner to advanced, just for you! The teachers also design exciting additional activities so that you can max out your English learning outside the classroom, especially for those of you who have to take the IELTS or TOEFL English tests.

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Our online English courses are complemented by our app, which features tools to learn vocabulary and grammar in a practical and fun way. Through the app you can attend English lessions online, get learning materials and be coached by our world-class teachers, as well as maximize your practice time outside of the classes. We offer private individual and group English classes, at very affordable prices. And good news: you can try our classes first for free!

English language skills can open up great opportunities for a brighter future. By becoming fluent in English, you will be ready to compete globally. Don't let English be an obstacle to explore the wider world. Learn English online with Cerah, and get ready to conquer it!

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