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Rp 82,500 /h
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Rp 61,875 /h
equivalent to Rp 495,000 /month
60 minutes / session
2x per week
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Rp 49,500 /h
equivalent to Rp 396,000 /month
60 minutes / session
2x per week
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Group (4 pax)
Rp 41,250 /h
equivalent to Rp 330,000 /month
60 minutes / session
2x per week
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Join Cerah, Learn English Online with International Standards.

Along with the rapid development of technology, online learning is becoming known and increasingly popular in the world of education. Online English courses have now also become the main choice for many people because of the various advantages it offers. Apart from not having to worry about being exposed to a virus that causes disease, you don't need to spend time, energy and travel costs to the course, especially in the midst of busyness and unfavorable traffic conditions. Online English tutoring at Cerah has a very flexible online English study time. You can decide for yourself the best time for online English class, in the morning before leaving for school or work, even late at night after completing all daily activities. With just an online connection and a cellphone, online English lessons can be done in all regions in Indonesia! In addition, of course, Cerah provides cheap online English courses that can be adjusted to your budget, that is, you can choose private classes or group classes.

Learn Conversational English Online at Cerah: Easier and More Personal.

Cerah makes it easy to learn English online. For those of you who want to take English conversation lessons, Cerah applies a practice-based learning method, so you can learn conversational English with foreign or native teachers. Of course, the most effective online learning to speak English can be done by speaking directly with experienced or native foreign teachers. By continuing to speak English during class, your skills will be honed quickly. Meanwhile, for those of you who want to take an English conversation course from scratch, but are not confident in talking to foreign teachers, you can also choose an international quality local teacher who can guide you from the basics until you are comfortable and fluent in communicating in English. Online English lessons at Cerah are definitely hassle-free, because you don't have to bother using printed books. Study materials designed especially for you can be accessed online, saved and retrieved when you need them. In addition, through the Cerah English application, you can practice English vocabulary online very practically! Cerah is the best online English speaking course that answers all your needs.

Online English Courses at Cerah, Success in Studying or Working Abroad!

Many people bury their dreams of going to college or working abroad just because they don't speak English fluently. You don't have to worry anymore because Cerah can help you learn English online and make your dreams come true. Wherever you are, in Jakarta, Tangerang, Medan, Pekanbaru, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, even on remote islands, you can easily take online English lessons for IELTS or TOEFL English test preparation classes. Teachers at Cerah who have experience sending thousands of students abroad, are ready to share tips that will guide you to get the IELTS test score or TOEFL score you need. In addition, you don't need to spend extra to buy IELTS or TOEFL printed books that can dry out your pocket. Learning English online at Cerah makes it easy for you to access IELTS or TOEFL study materials at no additional cost. Sign up for the first free trial class here.

Make your dreams come true with Cerah. If not now, then when?